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We offer the below Web Development Services

Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility driven by mobile responsiveness all under one roof, starting from basic website designs, to highly complex business website apps and design solutions, we will customise the best of web development solutions for you.

We are one of the leading web development company with an expertise of over six years and hands-on experience of creating 100+ successful web applications.

We have an excellent team of web design and development experts who are constantly experimenting and implementing innovative ideas that will transform website designs into a gold mine for your business.

We're not just a web design and development company – we're your team of experts committed to bringing your digital vision to life! Our dedicated team makes sure each project is a perfect blend of creativity and technology, making your website not only look fantastic but work seamlessly too. We're not about the ordinary – our goal is to exceed your expectations with custom web design and development services. Whether you're starting from scratch or giving your current site a facelift, our promise is a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring your online presence is dynamic and efficient. Let's make your digital space shine together!

We offer the below Web Application Development Services
  • - Meteor.js Development

    Meteor is one of the most popular framework for building real-time web and mobile apps. It uses Javascript for server-side scripting, database as well as frontend. This makes it a perfect framework for an end to end solution. Meteor makes the development process faster as we can build more with fewer lines of codes. You can even add some new features without waiting for approval of the app store or obliging users to download the updated app. Our proficiency in using huge libraries and integrating other technologies extends the functionality and you get a feature-rich and trendy web and mobile application. If you are looking to building a graceful, robust and scalable app for your business then we are the perfect match for you. Have a chat with us to hire Meteor developers.

  • - Node.js Development

    One of the latest & leading mobile and web application development platform, Node.js is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Node.js is an event driven, non-blocking, light weight I/O model, built on Google’s V8 engine. With Node.js, you can get rich, highly scalable and non-buffering application in real time.

    As one of the leading Node.js development organisation, Alite projects is the one stop place for building rich, high performance and scalable web and mobile applications. From expert e-Commerce solutions & advanced Node.js programming, to social networking & collaboration application, with our abreast knowledge and advanced skill-set, we are always prepared to create apps that can rule the internet.

  • - Angular Js Development

    Being prominent and trusted Angular JS development company, we offer a wide range of services for developing a variety of angular web applications as well as mobile applications with innovative design and features. AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework that works with extraordinary toolset that empowers app development. Our team of adept and knowledgeable professionals have relevant experience in AngularJS application development. With our assistance, you can get cross platform applications that have high speed & performance, offline and zero step installation, improved dependency injections, enhanced scope, and more.

  • - React Js Development

    A fastest growing modern JavaScript front-end technology, React is amazingly fast & flexible to handle. Backed by Facebook/Instagram & other community of developers, this JavaScript open source libraries creates a world-class application with ReactJS and React Native. With ReactJS, developing high-quality front-end application with better user interface, design, & structure has been simplified

    To simplify large scale application development and to end your quest of attaining scalability, simplicity, & interactivity, Alite projects, a leading ReactJS Development Company provides ReactJS web & mobile app development services that exceedingly meets all the business demands of our clients. With this open source JavaScript framework, we develop various kinds of quick & interactive User Interfaces, which increases the effectiveness of your project and simplifies app development.


    A simple, cost effective and reliable programming language that speaks the developer’s accent perfectly. We have experienced PHP web developers who have hands-on experience on PHP frameworks. As a renowned development company, are dedicated to provide you a wide range of high-quality development services.  From PHP Mysql development &  website development to creating engaging & interactive web applications,  web design, and more, we offer PHP based development solutions and application development services  that deliver maximum ROI, flexibility, & improved collaboration.

  • - Python Development

    Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language used to build high-end and scalable web applications. Sites like Youtube, Quora, Pintrest, Instagram etc are developed using Python. Being a leading Python web development company, we delivers the best-in-class websites & web and mobile applications using the advanced Python development web framework, programming language, & cutting-edge tools. Our team of experienced, dexterous, and knowledgeable professionals delivers the highest level of customer service by deploying innovative & collaborative project management systems.

  • - Word press Development

    Setting up a website with sleek and sizzling features, while keeping it responsive at the same time, is something every webmaster desires and Alite projects astutely delivers. The custom Word press development services of us are formulated to help you set up a website that is in synchronisation with how you envisage it to look and function. Managing content on the website customised by us becomes a breeze, and a much rewarding exercise. We have a unique approach of serving our clients and this approach is backed by our firm strategies and expertise of our team of highly skilled programmers and designers. Giving you a free rein over your website's design and development, Alite's custom Word press development services propel your website to make sustainable impact.

  • - Laravel Development

    Laravel is a PHP Framework for Web Artisans which opens the new dimensions of security and performance of the web-application. At Alite projects, one of the leading Laravel development company, our developers use this framework to build innovative applications for our clients. Our Laravel development services focus heavily on security, scalability and performance and using the latest Laravel architecture makes it very easy to achieve these goals.

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